Monday, February 1, 2016

Clowns for Sale!...

All Clown Dolls are Sold!
Thank you!
The Grimitives Circus is in town!! 
2016 Grimitives Original Dolls 
made with lots of detail and charm.
Thank you for stopping by!

All Clown dolls are SOLD!
Thank you so much!

The Sale starts @ 9 pm Est
Monday Feb 1st

Once the clock chimes 9pm est...
Dolls will be reserved in the order of email 
requests received.
First come first serve basis.

All dolls are sold separately.

Payment method PayPal
Free shipping within the U.S. - I use USPS Priority Shipping.
If you would like to purchase a clown 
doll please 
to email me
and include the name of doll and payment method.

Please be patient as I answer emails in the order that I receive them.
Please note: Doll doesn't stand on her own.
Doll stands not included.

Doll Sizes: 16 inches
 Their bodies are made of cloth. 
They are wearing baby sneakers, with bows, and flowers.
Facial features are: Blue glass eyes with my signature stitched eyelids & eye shading. Pinched stitched nose, red floss stitched lips, and faces have a dusting of blush.
Their hats are removable.

Doll #1

Talulah Blue
the Ringleader
 Her hair is hand dyed aqua blue mohair.


Doll #2

Boom Boom Bailey
Her hair is hand dyed pink lemonade mohair.


Doll #3

Kitty Carlisle
Her hair is hand dyed black mohair.


Thank you 
for your interest in my collectible 
Grimitives Clown Dolls!