Wednesday, April 29, 2020

I hope all is well with you...

Grimitives is still here...

I'm not making dolls right now but
sewing and donating 
face masks
to health care providers, essential workers
and loved ones!

I want to 
Thank  all of the front line workers putting their lives at risk during
this crazy time! 


Please continue to stay home,
wash your hands, 
and stay healthy. 

My Frida face gear as I sew masks!

Please stay safe and be well!!
Wear your face mask!


Saturday, February 8, 2020

Dream Big...

little Mermaid
Dream BIG!

I'm starting 2020 in the studio working on 
Santa orders, a new website for Grimitives...

thinking Spring with bunnies 

and a mermaid doll called 
Little Finn... 

this sweet mermaid is being auctioned off 
at a MS charity event. 

Please follow Grimitives on Instagram
on dolls we're working on and ones that are ready for adoption
updates on when our Squarespace website 
 will be up in running.

Thank you!

for our Instagram page