Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Merry Identity Crisis

and A Happy  EHAG Emporium to You!
This month's 
Grimitives Ehag offering is...

'Identity Crisis'

Prunella Pumpkin-Snowgrimm

Oooh Halloween is over and Prunella 
is having an identity crisis!!
Prunella really wants to be a Pumpkin but
in reality... she is a Snowgrimm.

Created by Kaf Grimm ~ Grimitives
She will be available on 
November 30th
when the clock strikes 9pm eastern time...

Price: $200.00, 
with free shipping within the US

Prunella Pumpkin-Snowgrimm,
is a Grimitive Original 
soft sculpture cloth Snowgrimm doll.
 Prunella Pumpkin-Snowgrimm is made with lots of love and Halloween/Christmas charm. 
She measures 16 inches, from her glittery top hat to her glittery wooden base. 

She is wearing a pumpkin mask that is tied around her head and can be removed. 

She has blue glass eyes. Velvet orange/carrot nose. Wire mouth, with tiny black seed beads for teeth. Her head has a dusting of glass glitter. 

Her top hat is accented with glass glitter and garland. Hat is pinned to her head, with a glass pin and the top hat can be removed. 

Her dress is made of stripe and print fabric with polka dot  sleeves, vintage black ribbon. Her dress is accented with Santa Claus. Her outfit, ribbons etc have been stained with special Grimmixture to give the piece a vintage feel.

Doll is attached to a wood base. Base is painted with clay/chalk paint and has been sanded, aged and glittered. 
Doll can not be removed from base.

Prunella Pumpkin-Snowgrimm is holding a candy cane, and a stocking stuffed with a black bottle brush tree, accented with a glitter and a tiny jack o'lantern head. 
Price: $200.00, 
with free shipping within the US
Thank you!!

Merry Halloween
and Happy Christmas!!
🎃 ~Kaf 🎅