Sunday, June 30, 2019

So pretty in pink...

Witch Kitty Boo Binx

Ehag offering for June.
 Kitty a sweet witch full of Halloween charm with
 pink cotton candy hair and
wearing a floral/skeleton cat print dress.

She has a tiny witch and black cat in her pocket.

Witch Kitty measures about 17 inches 
from hat to base.

If you would like to adopt her
  Please email me 

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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Dreamy Frida

Sweet Frida is available for adoption in my Grimitives etsy shop.

 to visit
Grimitives etsy shop.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Haunted By the Sea

Meet Witch Elizabit

She lives in Rosebud Cottage,
a charming yet haunted cottage 
by the sea.

Sweet Elizabit
Measures about 18 inches from her 
witches hat to her doll base.

She wears a colorful dress accented with a dried flower from her charming garden.
Her broom has been occupied by a bird's nest.

Price for Witch Elizabit:$200.00 
with free shipping within the U.S. 
If you would like to purchase her please email me.

Thank you!

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Spring is in the air...

Miss Sofia Twigg
couldn't be happier!
She is a Springtime Witch and this month's
Grimitives offering for EHAG
the premiere online Halloween Art group's selling site! 

'Witch Sofia Twigg'
is full of sweet charm...
From her sweet dress to witches hat 
and bird nest with speckled eggs!

She is dressed in Halloween 
and springtime floral colors.
She measures about 17 inches
from top of hat to her base.

Her hair is black mohair with a braid on one side.
Her hat is tied to her head and can be removed.
Her bird's nest is pinned to her hat and can also be removed.

Witch Sofia Twigg is a one of a kind!

Witch Sofia Twigg has been adopted.

Thank you!

Thursday, January 31, 2019

This Valentine will put a spell on you...

Toxique Monique Valentine Witch 
a one of a kind Grimitives witch doll.  

She is a sweet witch with red hair, blue eyes... she sure will steal your heart!

Happy Valentines Day! ♡

Friday, January 18, 2019

Happy Winter Blessings

Wishing 2019 will bring much happiness to all.

I'm starting the new year in the studio working on sweet snowgrimm angels.

This snow angel is  named Drift • her wings are made of drift wood from my favorite beaches on Cape Cod. 
She is a chubby snow angel and made to hang for display• Doll size: 14 inches by 7 inches. Her body is made from fabric and painted white, grunged with a cinnamon grimmmix and sanded to age. 

This sweet snow angel has been adopted ...
If you would like to order one like her please drop me an e-mail.

with free shipping within the U.S.

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