Saturday, October 19, 2013

It's a Pirate's Life....

for two Grimm Sisters!

Aye, Maties!
We have exciting news to share with you!
These two sweet Grimitives dolls,
Morgan and Pearl
are featured in the 2013 Autumn issue of PRIMS magazine,
Stampington & Company. 
This year for Halloween, these two sweet Grimm sisters imagine themselves as pirates
who set off on a trick-or-treat
We are delighted to have the opportunity to present to you one of the Grimm sisters...
Pirate Pearl!
Here's your chance to own a special one-of-a-kind published Grimitives Doll!

Pearl is available on ebay.

Pearl will come along with a copy of PRIMS magazine.

Her auction ends 10/20/2013
Sunday night @9:00pm et.
 Arr matey don't be late,
there's still time to bid!

to view Pearl's 
ebay auction.

Thanks for stopping by Matey!