Friday, May 10, 2013

Who is that you ask hiding behind the mask???

Little Frida!
A Grimitives Original, made with lots of detail and charm. 
 Frida’s, dia de los muertos mask is made of cloth 
and tied around her head with green floss.

 Little Frida measurement’s 10 inches from the top of her head to feet. Frida’s body and head are made of osnaburg, and her legs are made of stripe fabric with painted shoes. 
Her facial features are: brown glass eyes with my signature stitched eye lids. Red floss stitched mouth. Pinched stitched nose, and dusting of blush. Frida’s hair is black mohair, with braid and flowers. 
Frida’s top is made of mauve wool, and her pants are light green wool. Her top is accented with colorful trimmings. 
And also accented with an old pin that I painted a sugar skull onto it, and sprinkled with clear glass glitter.
Thank you!
Price for Little Frida:  $100.00 with free shipping within the U.S. 
Please note: doll stand is not included with doll.
 If you would like to purchase Little Frida,
to email me.

Payment options: PayPal, Money Orders, & checks.
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