Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Babies!!

Happy Springtime everyone!!
It is starting to feel like Spring here 
on Cape Cod.
And with Spring in mind and new beginnings my 
offering this month for 

Baby Gabby
sweet lovable Baby Gabby, 
a Grimitives Original,made with lots of detail and charm. 
Baby Gabby measurement’s 10 inches from the top of her to feet.
Gabby’s body and head are made of osnaburg, 
and her legs are made of polka dot fabric with painted shoes. 
Gabby's facial features are: 
blue glass eyes with my signature stitched eye lids. 
Pink floss stitched mouth. 
Pinched stitched nose, and dusting of blush.
Gabby’s adorable curly hair has been hand dyed a soft shade of pink. 
On top of Baby Gabby’s head is a bird's nest, 
with a sweet little pink bird. 
Nest is tied around her head with green floss.
Gabby’s top is made of soft pink wool, 
and her pants are blue check wool.
Her top is accented with baby blue ribbon and blue paper flower.
I needle felted Gabby’s teddy bear, 
with soft blue wool, 
and accented teddy with a pink needle felted heart.
Thank you!
Price for Baby Gabby: $100.00 
with free shipping within the U.S. 

 Please note:I will ship to other Countries. 
Please email me for the shipping cost.
Please note: doll stand is not included with doll. 

  If you would like to purchase Baby Gabby, 
to email me.

Thanks for stopping by!