Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bats in her Bonnet...

and some EHAG Halloween fun!!
I'm so excited to have an item available 
in the monthly 

Little Batty
Batty's body is made of paint osnaburg fabric. 
She measures 13 inches from her bonnet to her feet. 
Her arms have wire sewn in them so you can pose them however you like.
her dress is made of printed bat fabric and accented 
with black gathered ribbon 
around neckline and hem. 
She has painted black stripe legs and painted shoes.
I made her a bat pin, from an vintage button and handmade glittered bat. 
Batty's eyes are black glass, 
she has a black wool nose, 
and black floss stitched mouth. 

Her bonnet is made of straw, that I've painted black and added a big black/grey flower and also on the bonnet are 2 handmade glass glittered bats firmly attached on wire.
Her bonnet is tied around her head with black ribbon, and her bonnet is removable.
Little Batty is also holding a glass glittered bat on wire.

Price: $175.00 
with free shipping within the U.S.
If you would like to purchase
Little Batty
to email me.

Thank you so much for visiting!