Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Hop Hop Halloween

Pfatt Marketplace offering this month
Halloween pumpkin Bunny

Prudence is all dress up for Trick or Treat. 
Her head is made from black mohair fabric and her body is orange velvet. Her ears are black mohair and polka dot fabric. Prudence bunny measures 9 inches from her head to her feet and 12 inches from her ears to feet.
 She has glass eyes, with needle felted muzzle & nose, dusting of blush and black whiskers.
Her pumpkin mask is made of fabric. Her witches hat is made of felted and accented with ribbon. Her hat is attached to her pumpkin mask. Prudence can not stand on her own but can propped or use a doll stand.

Price for Prudence Pumpkin  bunny: $69.00 with Free Priority shipping within the U.S  
  If you would like to purchase Prudence, please Email me:
Thanks for hopping by.