Monday, February 28, 2011

EHAG OFFERINGS...Wise woman of Clare

 Welcome March and all things Irish!

 "I sing of Biddy Early, the wise woman of Clare.
Many's the man admires her carrot-colored hair,
And many those that come to her on horseback or by cart,
For she can heal a broken leg or a broken heart.

offring for this month is...

Biddy Early
the Irish Witch,
the most well- known Fairy or folk healer, wise woman, 
or Witch in Ireland.
price:$175.00 with free shipping within the U.S.
Measures 15" with her witches hat and 12" without hat.
Her dress is made of black linen fabric, accented with
black vintage ribbon hand gathered and hand stitched to neckline, hem and sleeves.
Her dress has a beautiful green ribbon.
Lots of hand stitching.
Her dress has a small shamrock badge pinned to the hem of her dress.

Biddy's pantaloons are black with printed shamrocks.
Biddy's witches
 hat is made of heavy paper painted black with light green dots and
decorated with green jewelry, ribbons & black feathers.
Her hat is tied around her head and her hat can be removed.
Her wonderful curly hair is red auburn wool.
She has blue eyes, and eye lids, black floss stitched lips, and dusting of blush.

 Biddy's broom is made of painted black stick and green paper grass.

Price:$175.00 with free shipping within the U.S.
If you would like to purchase
Biddy Early
and drop me an email.

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 Happy March!!