Tuesday, October 12, 2010


for adopting them. 
All have been sold and
they are so happy to be going to new homes for Halloween!!
I'm sorry for those folks who missed out on adopting a Goode Grimm Witch...
 but  shiver me timbers, look har mate at what has been hidden under the sea arrrr Aye for ages...
Skelly Swashbuckler!!

So matey if'n you missed on adoptin' a Goode Grimm dollie, lookie what has been listed on  ebay 
Evil Sally Gully a sweet little Skelly e'il Pirate Dollie oH my sweets Aye!
Ahoy, so my sweets please don't miss out for E'il Sally Gully's ebay auction,  An' be quick about it, and CLICK HERE, for her auction 'cause I be shippin' out soon! 
Arrr matey shiver me timbers! 
Thank ye fer stoppin' by my sweets!
Ha'e a happy pirate o' a day, gar!