Saturday, July 31, 2010


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Our EHAG Emporium offering this month...
 Miss Pippy Pumpkin
Pippy is made from painted/stained osnaburg fabric. 
 Size: 16 inches from her witches hat to her feet.
14 inches without hat. 
Her witches hat is made of painted heavy stock paper painted black and is accented with buckle made from silver tinsel garland, black ribbon, black velvet leaves, black tulle, and black bird.
Hat is pinned to her head with 3 glass hat pins and can be removed.
Pippy's mask is made...

 from heavy paper paint black & accented with black German glass glitter.
Pippy has a Real pumpkin stem.
She has a stitched on wool nose, painted mouth and black glass eyes & stitched eye lids.
Her dress has Lots and lots of handstitching.
  Hand gathered vintage black ribbon on top & the bottom of dress
is made of black Sparkle Stripe Tweed fabric

and has black gathered ribbon stitched to the hem.
Pippy is wearing a 31 badge made of wool and accented with black & Happy Halloween ribbon.
Miss Pippy Pumpkin

Pippy comes with her own doll stand.
Price for Miss Pippy Pumpkin:
SOLD $115.00
with free priority shipping

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