Thursday, March 25, 2010

Take Just A Moment...

Thinking of my sweet friend and PFATT sister Penny Lamont McAllister as she has taken a turn for the worst and battles for her life.
Please take a moment and please say a prayer for Penny to win her battle against leukemia. 
Thank you, Kaf 
We Love you Penny!
Take Just A Moment
by- Judy Crawford

A smile is as warm as the sunshine;
kind words are as bright as starlight.
A touch for a friend who is saddened
will turn cloudy days into bright.

Take just a moment to listen
to every word that they say.
A friend needs to talk and you may just be;
the only one listening today.

Take just a moment to ponder,
the way that another may feel.
Discover the magic in listening;
and see how just being there heals.

Take just a moment to offer,
a hug, or a smile or two.
Encourage a child to be all they can be;
and show them that dreams can come true.

How long has it been since you said "I love you"
Or did you just think that they knew.
There are words that can make a difference today
and they may need to hear it from you.

Take time to help someone this moment
be loving and don't hesitate.
For time flies as swiftly as eagles.
Tomorrow may just be too late.