Monday, November 9, 2009

SNOWING??!!! may not be snowing here yet but...
I'm dreaming of a White Christmas...
So my PFATT Marketplace offering this month is TINY PRIMITIVE SNOWGIRLS!!

Christa & Clarissa Snowgirls are so TINY & precious! They are made of painted grungy osnaburg, and they measure 7 inches.

Each have black glass eyes & grubby orange chenille stem nose and black floss stitched mouths.

They have chenille arms & legs and can sit or hang (I added a safety pin on their backs for displaying)

Both are holding a vintage bottle brush tree that I have added mica and attached to a wooden letter block base


#1 -Christa

Christa is wearing a grungy green Christmas printed gathered dress & red polka pantaloons.

Her dress is accented with vintage style gold tinsel garland around the waist & a tiny rusty bell.

Christa: Price:$40.00 with free shipping & delivery confirmation, (within the U.S.)

2 - Clarissa

Clarissa is wearing grungy red, pink and green stripe gathered dress & red polka dot pantaloons.Her dress is accented with vintage style silver tinsel garland around her waist & a tiny rusty bell.

Clarissa: Price: $40.00 with free shipping &
delivery confirmation, (within the U.S.)

Lots and lots of hand-stitching in each tiny snowgirl. And snowgirls are much grungier looking than they appear in pictures. All my items are prim-Grimm original designs and are made with lots of love, hand-stitching and fine details.

I will be taking limited orders on Snowgirls. Please note that the bottle brush trees are vintage and each will be slightly different. Blocks letters will differ too.

Please email me if you would like to purchase a snowgirl.

Thank you!