Sunday, July 19, 2009



I'm so happy & delighted...My beautiful niece Rebecca is getting married!!
I travelled off the Cape to her bridal shower. My Mom (Grammie) stayed home, it was too long of a travel for her.
But in October Rebecca will be married here on beautiful Cape Cod!
Oh what FUN we will have!

Rebecca is my oldest niece of three of the most wonderful nieces an Aunt can have!!
I am so blessed...They are the joys of my life!

Her bridal shower was so much fun.
Her sisters Bernadette (love this picture of you) :)

& Heather (you are sooo cute- you-mini me) :)

Rebecca's sister's gave her a grand shower, what a wonderful job they did.
And the food was delicious. And she received so many fabulous gifts.

Cook book from her Grammie

Beautiful bowl from Aunt Pam

Best Wishes, Sweetie!
Love ya!

Aunt Kate